delta-climate® is our proprietary software solution built on almost a decade of extensive collaborative efforts into the open source CLIMADA framework, a global multi-hazard model designed to calculate the socioeconomic impacts of weather and climate.

delta-climate® solutions, operating on scalable cloud architecture, underscores the full potential of CLIMADA, making it accessible for commercial use. While delta-climate® represents the intellectual property of CLIMADA Technologies, the open-core nature of our solution enables us to operate with full transparency.


The premise behind the naming of our software platform delta-climate® is based on the inherently unpredictable nature of our business. We talk in terms of relatives rather than absolutes – or the delta between how climate impacts a certain location and asset today versus how that impact adjusts dependent on increasing temperatures.

delta-climate® builds on over 8 years of extensive collaborative efforts into the open source CLIMADA platform, a global multi-hazard model designed to calculate the socioeconomic impacts of weather and climate. The platform is under constant development by the academic research group of the Weather & Climate Risk department at ETH Zurich.

CLIMADA Technologies is aptly positioned to leverage almost a decade of collaborative climate-related expertise, a highly dedicated research team as well as the leanings of numerous projects and studies which have been effected.

delta-climate® REPORTING

CLIMADA Technologies offers regulatory compliant reporting, covering in-depth physical risk information customized to the relevant locations. Depending on our clients requirements, delta-climate® reporting is either of a bespoke nature, or can be fully automated based on shared asset data accessed through an easy to use word-template. The reports feature anything from a simple hazard-related risk mapping to a detailed financial impact analysis to tailored adaptation measures.

delta-climate® API

Easy access to decision-critical data is key and delta-climate® API renders the process of data exchange extremely efficient. 

delta-climate® API delivers individual physical risk quantification data extending across acute and chronic hazard metrics, physical risk ratings, and financial impact metrics per individual location. Asset-specific characteristics covering geo-location, value and type can be sent as input data to the API to generate dedicated analytic results which can be easily integrated into a proprietary platform environment.

delta-climate® PLATFORM

The web-based software as a service allows for on-the-fly assessment of physical risk for project financing as well as across complex asset portfolios. Our climate analytics dashboard  provides dynamic visualizations of physical risk data through concise and insightful graphs and figures. Interactive maps provide transparency to risk exposure today as well as for the future, under different climate scenarios.

Our delta-climate® platform extends to a cost/benefit analysis of adaptation measures depending on exposure, region and hazard to support decisions for the implementation of adequate resilience strategies.

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